Introducing our Free Tier for Small Teams

Product Updates
March 4, 2020

At Kintaba, we're on a mission to make companies more resilient.  We're excited to announce an update to our tier system that helps small teams practice incident management earlier in their company's lifecycle!

What's new?

FREE Tier (up to 5 users):
Kintaba is now FREE for teams of 5 or smaller.  That means no more 14-day countdown and if you previously had an expired Kintaba instance with up to 5 users your instance is no longer expired.

Now small teams can have easier access to incident management tooling earlier in their lifecycle and larger companies can have more time to dig deep into testing Kintaba before committing to a larger adoption across the organization.  

The new free tier includes everything our basic tier includes and still requires no credit card to get started.  Learn more

Want to try out all these great new features?  Log into your Kintaba instance or sign up today!

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