Introducing On-Call Roles in Incidents, Postmortem Action Items Widgets, and Jira Master Tasks

Product Updates
June 3, 2020

This week we're announcing a series of features to make your incident management experience even better so you and your team can quickly react and recover from major outages and incidents.

Surfacing information about incidents quickly and effectively is crucial to rapid incident response, management, and recovery.  All of the new features this week are focused on helping you gather and distribute critical information more easily throughout your incident lifecycle.

What's new?

On-Call Roles in Incidents:
Oncall roles are now shown as part of the profile data for each incident responder.  This makes it easier for anyone following the incident to quickly know who is playing which role.  For example, if you are the "PR/Comms" oncall, it will show that designation right below your name in the right-pane of an active incident.

Postmortem Action Items Widget:
You can now automatically include action items created during a live incident in your postmortem templates and writeups via the Action Items widget, our first dynamic postmortem widget!   Learn more

Jira Master Tasks:
Kintaba now supports creating a master Jira issue to roll up all your action items for each task.  This can make it easier for your company to share and track incidents in Jira alongside Kintaba. Learn more

Want to try out all these great new features?  Log into your Kintaba instance or sign up today!

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