Introducing Oncall Overrides & Per-Incident Oncall Assignments

Product Updates
October 8, 2020

At Kintaba we know that oncall rotation schedules can get messy.  Sometimes you need to swap in a temporary override for a rotation, and sometimes you just need to assign the oncall for a single incident to a different specialist.

We've heard this feedback and today are announcing two features to help make your Kintaba oncall experience even better: oncall overrides and per-incident oncall assignments.

Oncall Overrides:
Easily set an override that replaces the existing oncall within a rotation with a substitute for any length of time.  After the override time period ends, the rotation returns to normal.  Learn More

Per-Incident Oncall Assignments:
Now you can quickly assign an oncall role to a responder that is only set for the specific incident.  This gives you more flexibility in cases where the subject matter expert or relevant team member is not the same across all incidents. Learn More

We're here to help:
Having trouble configuring your oncalls or have questions about best practices?  Reach out to us and we'll help you get up and running!

Check out our new oncall features today by logging into Kintaba and accessing the Oncalls page!

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