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August 12, 2020

Today the entire Kintaba team is excited to tell you about a major update to our dynamic postmortem editor.

We know the postmortem drafting experience is critical to a good incident management process, so it has always been a goal of ours to make the editor as flexible and usable as possible.  With today's update, we're making it easier than ever to write a beautiful and functional postmortem.

What's new in the updated postmortem editor?

A cleaner presentation:
The new postmortem editor no longer shows markdown decoration (such as #'s before headings) and helps your document stay presentation-ready with an improved WYSIWYG interface.

Introducing the "/" command for markdown-free formatting:
Now you can format your postmortem text without knowing markdown!  Use the "/" shortcut to see heading and other formatting options inline while writing your document.

Image support:
You can now easily add images to your postmortems to make sure you record all the important charts, screenshots, and other visual data relevant to your report.

Improved widget support for dynamic content (such as followup tasks):
Widgets are now part of the / command, making them easier to access.  Widgets make it easy to track dynamic content in your postmortem, starting with the Action Items widget that reflects all followup tasks created while the incident was open.

Still as flexible as ever:
It' has always been a major goal of ours to keep the postmortem creation process as flexible as possible and the updated editor still supports custom templates and allows the writer to change the document structure on-the-fly without having to edit structured fields!

You can try these features out yourself by creating a new incident and editing the postmortem in Kintaba today!

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