Introducing time based automations and realtime responder lists

Product Updates
July 8, 2021

Hi there,

We're always looking for ways to improve your Kintaba experience and today I'm excited to announce improvements that let you run automations based on time passed and that help your team stay informed about incident responders in slack.

Time Based Automation Conditions

You can now select the "time passed since last incident activity" automation type, which lets you configure actions that happen as time passes during your incident.  For example, you could set a reminder for when a SEV1 incident is inactive for 10 minutes, or you can create a daily webhook sync that runs for long-running incidents.

The Slack responders list is now updated in realtime

It's now easier to know who your active and requested responders are by simply glancing at the incident announcement in message or the incident topic message.  We now keep the list of responders in these messages up to date.

Responders next to the 🔔icon have been pinged and responders next to the ✅icon have acknowledged their pings.

We hope these features continue to make your Kintaba experience better!  As always, feel free to reach out by responding to this email or contacting our support team with any questions.

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