Introducing Webhooks, Oncall Handoff Notifications, and Improved Search

Product Updates
January 13, 2021

It's a new year and the Kintaba team is hard at work adding more features to make Kintaba your favorite tool, even when battling the most difficult incidents.

This week we've added updates to make it easier to connect automations into other systems through Webhooks, added more ways to keep up with your oncall rotations, and improved our search feature.

New Feature Updates:

It's easier than ever to connect Kintaba into your internal tool workflow with Webhooks, now available as an action within the Automations feature.  Webhooks include post data about the incident that triggered them, allowing you to trigger internal tools and processes based on incident state, or other metadata.  Learn more

Oncall Handoff Notifications:
Stay up to date with when you're going on and off call with the new Oncall Handoff Notification preference, available in your Kintaba user profile settings.  Alongside the existing calendar-sync feature, handoff notifications make it easier to know (via email AND slack) about when you're on call and when you're not.  Learn more

Improved Search UI:
Kintaba search now provides more filtering options as soon as you click on the search bar, making it easier to find the right incident with a single search query rather than having to search once and then filter after.  Try it today by clicking the "search" field at the top of your instance.

Want to try these new features out?  Head over to your Kintaba instance today or contact us with any questions!

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