Announcing new Slack announce messages and automation features

Product Updates
August 12, 2021

The Kintaba team has been hard at work adding new features and updating existing ones to keep your team's incident response process as efficient and easy to use as possible.

This week we're excited to introduce updates to our slack announce messages and two new automation actions for connecting your automations to our pagerduty and jira integrations.

Updated Slack announce and informational messages

Slack announce messages are now formatted to be easier to read and have action buttons for quickly updating your incidents.  We've also updated the responders section to more accurately reflect which responders have acknowledged vs which responders have been pinged.

New Automation Actions: Pagerduty and Jira

Adding to our existing pagerduty and jira integrations, you can now automate the triggering of a pagerduty service or the creation of a Jira ticket via automations by selecting "Create PagerDuty Incident" or "Create Jira Issue" from the automation actions list.

We hope these features continue to make your Kintaba experience better!  As always, feel free to reach out by responding to this email or contacting our support team with any questions.

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