Introducing new dashboard report focus, filter, and bucketing controls

Product Updates
May 13, 2022

Today we're excited to introduce new focus, filter, and bucketing controls for the Kintaba reports dashboard so you can more easily get the IR data that's most important to your organization.

Individual Report Focus & Filters

Starting today, every report in your dashboard has an "expand" button in the upper right, which lets you instantly zoom into the report.

Once focused, you can then individually filter the report to a specific set of data and even group the data by day, week, or month to more clearly see trends over longer periods of time.

Want to jump back to the dashboard?  Just click the "collapse" icon in the upper left and you'll be taken back to the view of all charts and data.


Have another reporting feature you'd like to see in Kintaba?  Let us know!

We hope these features continue to make your Kintaba experience better!  As always, feel free to reach out by responding to this email or contacting our support team with any questions.

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