Introducing OnCall Rescheduling, PagerDuty Schedule Sync, Public Slack Channels & SSO User Provisioning

Product Updates
March 25, 2020

All of us here at Kintaba hope you, your families, and your teammates are staying safe during this difficult time.  We know incident management is top of mind for many right now and we're here to support you and your team any way we can.  As a remote-first company, we're working hard to keep moving forward and to bring you updates that keep your team and company strong.

This week we're excited to announce a number of new features related to oncalls and integrations: including rescheduling and syncing oncalls from PagerDuty and providing the ability to have public slack channels for your incidents.  We've also added new user provisioning tools both from PagerDuty and from SCIM-compliant sources such as Okta.

What's new?

OnCall Rescheduling:
Now you can edit oncall rotations in Kintaba instantly by simply dragging and dropping within the rotation UI making it easier than ever to keep your rotations up to date and to make short-term adjustments to schedules without having to rebuild the entire rotation from scratch.  Learn more

PagerDuty Schedule Sync and Per-Services Selection:
We've made major updates to our PagerDuty integration allowing you to access PagerDuty oncall schedules in your live Kintaba incidents without having to copy the oncall rotation manually to Kintaba.

Our PagerDuty integration now also lets you manage which services to sync incidents from through the Kintaba integration UI rather than having to manually configure each service within PagerDuty!   Learn more

Public Slack Channels:
Thanks to a recent slack API update, you can now quickly configure the privacy of your per-incident slack channels by setting them to be public or private within the Slack integration settings.  Learn more

SSO User Provisioning (SCIM):
Our most requested enterprise feature: Kintaba now supports automated user provisioning, deprovisioning, and updating from any SCIM compliant source (Okta, Active Directory, etc), making it easy to maintain large user lists and to keep your employee access controls complaint with your company's policies. Contact Us for help setting up this new feature

Want to try out all these great new features?  Log into your Kintaba instance or sign up today!

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