Introducing Slack thread syncing and Google Meet support

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April 28, 2022

This week we're thrilled to be launching two long-asked for features: thread support (including Slack syncing) and Google Meet integration.  Read on to learn more...

Slack thread syncing (and native threading)

Almost every Kintaba user who has a slack integration has asked us for the ability to sync threads more clearly (and for general threaded conversational support in Kintaba) so we're super excited to announce that this feature is now live!

Threads will now sync from and to Kintaba just like all other chat content.  You can create comments from either platform and trust that your conversation will stay visually in sync at all times.

To create a new thread in Kintaba, just use the Reply To Comment action from the hover-menu on an existing comment.

There's no action you need to take, thread supporting is live in your instance NOW!

Google Meet Integration

A close second behind threading support on our list of highly requested features, Google Meet as an alternative to Zoom for incident video calls is here!

Google Meet calls can now be set up instantly from within an active incident or as an automation.  Learn how to enable this integration in our docs.

Like Zoom, Google Meet can also be used as an automation, allowing you to automatically add Google Meet links to some or all of your incidents.

We hope these features continue to make your Kintaba experience better!  As always, feel free to reach out by responding to this email or contacting our support team with any questions.

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