Jira On-Premise and Easier Slack Updates

Product Updates
July 16, 2020

The team has been hard at work adding new features and making updates to the features you love.

This week we're introducing a new integration and some updates and bugfixes across our product.

What's new?

Jira on-premise:
Complemting our existing Jira integration, Kintaba now supports Jira On-Premise installations for organizations that are not using Jira Cloud.  Learn more

Easier incident updates in Slack:
Want to quickly update an incident's metadata from slack?  /kintaba update is a new slack command that modal window that lets you easily update multiple fields for an ongoing incident.  Learn more

Pagerduty-aware typeaheads in Slack:
When creating or updating an incident in slack you can now also select oncall rotations from your linked pagerduty account.  Learn more

Stability improvements and bugfixes:
We have rolled out a series of stability improvements and bugfixes under-the-hood to keep Kintaba working for you!

Want to try out all these great new features?  Log into your Kintaba instance or sign up today!

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