Introducing JIRA Integration, Notification Preferences, and SAML/SSO Support

Product Updates
February 27, 2020

We're always working to add new features to Kintaba and the team is excited to announce a number of heavily requested features today, including new ways to create issues in Jira, updated notification preferences, single sign-on, and more flexible postmortem editing.

What's new?

Create Jira issues in Kintaba:
One of our most requested features, Jira issues can now be created right from the incident page.  Issues can be composed in Kintaba and are recorded in the activity log.  Learn more

Notification Preferences:
Toggle whether or not you receive notifications for incident activity or comment activity right from your profile.  Learn more

Create incidents with Email:
You can now create a custom email address to create Kintaba incidents.  This very requested feature can be easily set up by admins in the integrations page.  Learn more

Single Sign-On:
Premium subscribers can now integrate SAML for a full SSO experience.  Learn more

After-the-fact postmortem editing:
You can now edit and republish a previously published postmortem without having to reopen the incident itself.

Want to try out all these great new features?  Log into your Kintaba instance or sign up today!

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