New integration: Datadog

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September 22, 2021

We're always working to bring new integrations and we're excited this week to announce one of the most requested integrations is now available: Datadog!

The new Datadog integration

Once integrated, you can easily access your Datadog charts via the "@-mention" menu in the kintaba UI (slack integration coming soon!).

Datadog charts in Kintaba are kept up to date in real time, support mouseover interaction, and link directly to the source datadog chart.

Because the Datadog integration is part of our core comment composer, you can easily include a chart, or groups of charts, in your automations:

Datadog charts in a message automation:

Learn more about how to use the new Datadog integration in our docs.

Have another integration you wish was included in Kintaba?  Let us know!

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