Starred Activity Items: Now in your Postmortem

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November 11, 2020

Starred Activities: Now in your Postmortem

Today we're introducing a new widget for our postmortem editor focused on helping you highlight important moments from your activity log right inside your postmortem: the Starred Activities widget.

At Kintaba we know that filling out the postmortem is one of the most important parts of an effective incident management process and the more we can do to make that process easier, the more often postmortems will be written, the more knowledge will be shared, and the fewer major outages will occur at your company.

That's why we custom built our postmortem editor to be easy to use, templatable, and to include widgets like the Starred Activities widget that automatically import valuable information.

With the Starred Activities widget, you can...

Highlight important moments:
Starring activity log items during an incident makes it easy to track important moments in your activity log and with the new Starred Activities widget, you can now highlight these moments in your postmortem document as well.

Include Starred Activities in your postmortem templates :
Just like the Tasks List widget, you can also include the Starred Activities widget in your postmortem templates to make it a default part of your postmortem process.

You can find the new widget within the "/" command in your instances postmortem editor today!

We're here to help:
Learn more about postmortems, templates, and widgets, or reach out to us and we'll help you get up and running!

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